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Coming in Summer 2024

Pieces in Tim
a novel by Tim Wade

Karen Miller’s trip to her childhood home was intended to be a visit with her mother who is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease, not to attend her mother’s funeral. It was also not intended to be a time for her life to become unraveled in light of losing her mother, and in light of the secrets her aging father is revealing. Now the questions are coming faster than she can find answers, and nothing makes sense. Only when the truth is finally revealed do the pieces of her past come together to form a picture of a mother and father she thought she knew.

Mindfulness in the Workplace:
How to build people while growing your business


Individual Coaching

Individual, coaching is a service tailor-made to meet the needs of the business professional seeking to improve their leadership skills. 


Whether your company has ten employees or one-hundred, group classes are an excellent way for your leadership team to receive advanced training in customer service and employee management. 

Specialized Classes


Group Seminars

Group seminars are an excellent way to reach a wide audience with advanced training in Bible-based  leadership skills. 

Mindfulness in the Workplace is a source of education that teaches leaders in the workplace the concept of mindfulness and the practice of Bible-based principles as it relates to employee management, training and development. Workplace leaders seeking a better way to manage their employees will learn skills that will help foster a sense community while helping their employees find purpose and meaning in the workplace.  
For individuals and companies looking to improve their leadership skills, three services are offered.

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