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  • Private  discussions

             - everything is confidential

  • Situation specific

            -you pick the topics

  • Targeted solutions

           -focused on what is most important

  • Goal focused

            -striving for specific objectives

  • Personal teaching

            - instruction with empathy

  • Self-paced

           -no pressure and no stress


Wisdom, Direction, Empathy

If you want to sharpen your leadership skills, and become a more mindful manager, then working one-on-one with a coach might be right for you. Coaching often works best for individuals and small groups (usually less than ten) who have specific interests and needs. Coaching is also more private, and allows for a more intimate, personal dialogue that might not otherwise be appropriate in a larger group. If this sounds like something that might benefit you, email me and set up your free forty-five minute consultation. 

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Benefits of Coaching