Mindful Farting

Do you practice mindfulness at work? Chances are that you have. If you’ve ever had a bad case of gas, and desperately needed to cut a fart at work, but didn’t want to rip it out in front of your coworkers, you have practiced mindfulness.

The practice of mindfulness means to be aware of yourself, and your surroundings, within the moment, without judgment. When you need to cut a fart, you are first mindful of yourself in the moment. There is a rumble in your intestines, a movement, and a buildup at your sphincter. Do you let it rip, or do you hold it in? This is mindfulness of self.

Mindfulness of your surroundings determines what you do with the fart. Who is around you? How likely it is for someone to walk into your office. If you decide to pass your gas, will someone hear you? Will someone smell it? How long will it take for the smell to go away? All of these factors are part of being mindful of your environment.

Now translate all of this to being a manager, or supervisor, CEO or business owner. No, we are not talking farts anymore. Let’s look at you as a manager. What is in you? What are your thoughts and feelings? Are you aware of the way you act, the way you behave toward your employees? Are you happy? Angry? Is something upsetting you? Do you let it out, or do you hold it in? This is mindfulness of self.

What is going on with your employees? What kind of environment are they working in? Is it a strong, healthy place to work? Is it safe? Do your people have hope? Do they have confidence in you and in their future with the company? Are they engaged in their job, or is someone disengaged and looking to quit? These factors are part of being mindful of your environment and your surroundings.

Only you can pay attention to yourself, and determine how you are going to interact with the world around you. Only you can determine how you will impact your surroundings. Everyone has the power of choice to make their work environment the best it can be. The practice of mindfulness in the workplace helps you make the best choices, and goes a long way in building a healthy, profitable work environment.

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