The Benefits of Mindfulness

The key to reaping the benefits that come from a team of employees that find purpose and meaning in their work is to be mindful. Yes, it sounds a lot like new-age nonsense, but I assure you, it is not. To be mindful is to be aware, and in the moment. What that means as a business leader is that you are first aware of yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your attitude, even your health. Second, you are aware of your employees. In each moment of each day you have your finger on the pulse of the people entrusted to you. What are they thinking and feeling? How are their relationships with their coworkers? Does the work they do give them a sense of value within the company? Are they hopeful? Are they optimistic? If they are, then why? If not, then why not? Being mindful in the workplace is the key to growing your people, and in the end the key to growing your business.

Your company needs mindfulness in the workplace. Here’s why.



  • Builds relationships between management and team members

  • Develops leadership skills

  • Promotes co-operation and well-being between team members which increases productivity

  • Increases employee retention

  • Improves customer relations which increases revenue.

  • Promotes a sense of well-being in the work environment

  • Gives hope to the workplace

  • Teaches listening skills

  • Empowers everyone

  • Becomes the central vision of the company

When your company practices mindfulness, everyone from the CEO to the customer benefits.

If you are ready to bring mindfulness to your workplace, if you are ready to build your employees and in turn increase your company's profitability, then feel free to reach out to me. Together we can help your people find the purpose and meaning in life they are seeking, Email me at