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Mindfulness in the Workplace:
how to build people while growing your business


Mindfulness in the Workplace is a short twenty-five page mini-book that I wrote out of frustration. From as far back as my late teens and early twenties I have either worked as a retail manager, helped manage non-profit organizations, or supervised and trained more employees than I can count. And to be honest, I wasn’t that good at my job, at least not at first. The problem wasn’t so much that I was a bad manager, but rather, I worked for more bad managers and supervisors than good ones. Early on I picked up bad habits that included a lack of empathy for my employees, a lack of vision and direction, and in general a "me-first" mentality. In other words, I was looking out for myself more than the men and women I was entrusted to manage and care for.


At the same time, I couldn’t help but notice a correlation between the number of poor managers and supervisors and the number of employees leaving the companies where they worked. In addition to this, these managers with high employee turnover were always the managers and supervisors being criticized and reprimanded for low performance numbers. On the other side of the coin, I couldn’t help but notice that the managers who were tracking the best numbers almost always had a team of well-adjusted, motivated employees. Throughout my working career, I found myself on both sides of the coin.


To make a long story short, I began to look at why some business owners and their mangers had happy, well-adjusted employees, while others were barely able to keep an employee longer than six months to a year. My empirical study led me to an interesting conclusion. Successful men and women in leadership roles, whose businesses were also successful, were mindful of the needs of their employees and their customers as much as they were aware of their bottom line. In other words, they cared as much for their people as they did their profits.


Armed with this understanding, and drawing from years of experience building successful healthy relationships, I decided to write Mindfulness in the Workplace.  Today this booklet is part of a training course I offer to leaders of businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies, all the way to the small business owner.  If you desire to increase revenue while building your company from the inside out, let me bring this booklet to you and teach it to your leadership team.  For more information, contact me at I look forward to assisting you with your future success.

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Mindfulness in the Workplace:
how to build people
while growing your business


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